Canadian Premiere at Pacific Theatre March 2013

3 Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Nominations including Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role- Julie McIsaac, Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role- Kayvon Kelly and Outstanding Sound Design/Composition- James Coomber

A conscience-stricken mother abandons her husband, son and comfortable London home – resurfacing among the street children of India’s slums. A gripping examination of privilege, spiritual sickness and uneasy sacrifice.

Bleeding Heart Collective's inaugural mainstage presentation, a guest production at Pacific Theatre. 

Directed by Evan Frayne- Designed by Flo Barrett- Co-Costume Design: Catrina Lewis- Sound Design/Original Composition by James Coomber- Props: Phil Miguel Performed by Kayvon Kelly, Sebastian Kroon, Julie McIsaac, Katharine Venour- Stage Management by Cara Lowdermilk- Technical Direction: Jess Howell- Publicity by Andrea Loewen- Produced by Alison Chisholm and Evan Frayne

"Mother Teresa Is Dead makes you think, and God and all of his saints know that most entertainments these days don’t do that." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Ms McIsaac offers a sublime performance as a confused idealist meandering in a neo-comatose state, pulled by equal and opposite demands on her fragile psyche. Ms Venour is solid as the narrative anchor. ... Mother Teresa is Dead is another thought-provoking presentation by Pacific Theatre that will leave audiences with much to ponder about until the next production." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Such a play requires immense sensitivity on the part of the director and performers; they must find a delicate balance in the story’s telling lest their own opinions and beliefs colour the work. Director Evan Frayne does an excellent job in this regard, leading his cast to performances fully guided by the characters’ desires and goals, avoiding any trace of preaching."| Brian Paterson, Linda Murray PR

"McIsaac, once again, is a little powerhouse in bare feet. Her vacant expression speaks of huge psychological turmoil as Jane weighs her future. You’ll swear you can see her heart beating...The play ends on a quiet, tenuously hopeful note right out of Chekhov. Lovely."| Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Kayvon Kelly and Sebastian Kroon. Photo by Emily Cooper

 MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD                                   by Helen Edmundson

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